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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Raw Food?

This is something a lot of people are asking me right now so I thought it would be helpful to create a post. I've been researching this topic for over a year now and trying different foods on my own body and seeing how I feel afterwards. Here's what I have learn't.

Heating your food above 115 degrees F (45 Celsius):
•Kills enzymes. Enzymes help you digest your food. Your body can create enzymes but that process takes a lot of energy. This process makes you feel tired and heavy after a cooked food meal. The enzymes your body makes are not as efficient and effective as the ones that were destroyed in your food.

So your food is not be broken down as well and harder to digest. Your food starts rotting in your intestines and parasites have more chance to survive. Your body has a limited amount of enzymes that it can produce. If the supply is finished, body organs will function less and less. It will accelerate aging.

•Changes the pH of the food and makes food acidic. Eating acidifying food makes your body a welcome feeding ground for disease.

•Destroys most vitamins

•Destroys the life force. Eating cooked food is eating dead food. This will make you feel heavy and tired. Live food has live energy. It will give you energy. Simply put. A raw seed will grow, a cooked seed won't. When you pick unripe fruit it continues to ripen for weeks. Cooked fruit starts to decay within days.

These reasons are enough to explain why most people on a raw food diet feel more energetic and have a stronger immune system.

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